Jake is a lifelong son of Massachusetts, dad, Marine and congressman fighting for our democracy and a stronger middle class

Born and raised...

Jake was born and raised in the Massachusetts Fourth District he now represents. The son of a surgeon & a scientist who taught him the values of curiosity and integrity, he and his older brother and sister grew up in the Jewish faith and attended Newton Public Schools. His 2nd-grade teacher saw he loved to read and gave him books on U.S. history. He was hooked --- from elementary school through college, he had posters of the Founders on his bedroom wall.

From school to service...

After graduating from Harvard College, Jake joined the Marines. He commanded infantry in Afghanistan, and special operations in Panama.

In Afghanistan in 2012, Jake led patrols through villages contested by the Taliban. He saw firsthand the mistakes of the Forever Wars, and he's working in Congress to prevent them in the future. In 2021, Jake was the only Democratic veteran in the House to vote against the Pentagon's unaccountable spending, urging it to spend smarter, not bigger, to maintain a strong military.

From service to business and local government...

While stationed in the Panama Canal Zone, Jake wrote for Harvard about urban planning in Panama City. And when he returned home to Newton, he continued working at the local level. Jake won election to the Newton City Council in 2015, was re-elected in 2017, and topped the ticket in 2019.

On the City Council, Jake chaired the Transportation & Public Safety Committee & was a member of the Land Use Committee, where he consistently supported pro-housing policies to address spiraling costs. Jake also worked on housing & transportation at Liberty Mutual's innovation lab. Prior to that, Jake worked in cybersecurity & led the startup competition at MIT, where he has an MBA in Finance.

Congressman Jake Auchincloss...

Now in Congress, Jake is rejecting the politics of anger and populism to offer fresh, independent solutions to lower costs and support American global leadership. He's been hailed as a “media-savvy millennial politician” who can “make friends and influence enemies in Washington.” He’s been delivering results from day one as a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, where he's prioritized water and transit improvement, and now sits on the Select Committee on Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party.

Jake was one of the first Freshmen in his class to have a bill successfully pass the House and his work has been recognized by Democratic Policy and Communications Committee and former Majority Leader Steny Hoyer. In addition to endorsements and praise from state and local officials across the Fourth District, Jake has been endorsed by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Foreign Policy for America, BradyPac, and the Progressive Turnout Project.

A husband and dad...

Jake now lives in Newtonville with his wife, Michelle, their son, Teddy, their daughters, Grace and Audrey and their Labrador Retriever, Donut. And he still loves to read American history.

"As a Marine veteran who served in Afghanistan, Rep. Auchincloss brings a unique & badly needed perspective... He was willing to speak from his own personal experience & stand strong on his principles when it came to Afghanistan, even as Beltway press might have been in a different place." -WH Aide

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TIMELINE of Jake's Achievements


Born and raised in Newton, MA


Graduated from Harvard with a Bachelor’s Degree in Government, cum laude, and a secondary concentration in Spanish


Commissioned as a Marine officer


Deployed to Afghanistan


Deployed to Panama


Graduated from MIT with an MBA in Finance


Served on Newton City Council


Married his wife Michelle


Elected to represent MA-04 in U.S. Congress & became a father for the first time


Became one of the first congressional freshmen to pass legislation


Won a second term as a U.S. Representative


Launched re-election campaign for MA-04

"(Having kids) does make the job feel bigger because so much of what we're wrestling with as a country right now — polarization, threats to our democracy, climate action, and clean energy investments — so much of it really is about the kind of world we want our kids to grow up in." -Jake

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