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A new generation offering fresh, independent solutions

This moment demands leaders who focus on the next generation, not the next news cycle. Jake is a Marine veteran and the youngest Democratic parent in Congress. He is fighting the gun lobby to shield children from their leading cause of death. He is dedicated to protecting the Constitution and individual rights, including abortion rights. And he is fighting special interests to lower drug prices for seniors and the middle class. Jake is working on all fronts for the freedom, security, and success of every American.

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Jake talks Trump conviction

Jake joins Kasie Hunt to discuss Trump's felony conviction and how the democratic campaign strategy should focus on this issue.

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Jake on TikTok and online safety

Jake goes On the Record to discuss the bipartisan legislation he co-sponsored to hold social media companies accountable for children's mental health, public safety and privacy.

Ending Gun Violence

Jake slept, ate, trained, and patrolled with an assault weapon for 4 years as a Marine officer. He believes weapons of war have no place on our streets or near our schools, which is why he’s working for an assault-weapons ban and other common-sense gun safety measures.

Advancing Reproductive Freedom

With abortion access in jeopardy across the country, it’s more important than ever that we elect leaders who'll protect the freedom to choose. Jake was endorsed by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund as a strong advocate for reproductive health and abortion rights in Congress.

Upholding Democracy & U.S. Global Leadership

Democracy is under siege, at home and abroad. Jake’s first speech in Congress was to advocate impeaching Donald Trump, and he continues to fight Trumpism at every turn. Jake has also been one of the strongest congressional supporters of Ukraine, Israel, and Indo-Pacific allies in the global contest against tyranny, terror, and totalitarianism.

Achieving a Clean Energy Future

Climate change requires bold action to protect our planet and our children’s way of life. As a millennial & the youngest Democratic parent in Congress, Jake has a fierce sense of urgency to invest in clean energy and ensure clean air, clean water, and clean soil.

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MassLive: With gun violence on the ballot, MA Rep. Jake Auchincloss puts PAC to work

MassLive covers the launch of Jake's new effort Beyond Thoughts and Prayers, focused on electing like-minded lawmakers willing to take on the gun lobby and fight for common-sense gun safety legislation as Democrats look to take back the U.S. House majority in November.


WBZ News: (Jake) co-sponsors bill that could lead to TikTok ban, citing security and mental health

CBS News Boston discusses the bipartisan bill co-sponsored by Jake that takes measures to hold social media companies accountable for children's mental health and safety on their platforms, and would require TikTok to divest from its Chinese-based owner in consideration of national security concerns.


Franklin Observer: Auchincloss Sticks to Online Youth Protection for State of the Union

Jake invited Myrieme Nadri-Churchill Executive Director at public health nonprofit Parents for Peace as his guest to the State of the Union, reflecting his commitment to prevent radicalization, violence, and extremism online amid the rise of youth mental health challenges and continued negligence on the part of social media companies


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