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Service before self.


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Common values.

Uncommon commitment.

As a Marine officer, I led from the front in Afghanistan and Panama. Far from home, I worked together with Americans who put service before self.

As a Newton city councilor, I led from the front on transportation, housing and the environment. Here at home, I worked together with neighbors to create more equal opportunity for all.

I’m running for Congress to lead from the front once more. The stage is bigger and the stakes are higher, but my commitment is the same: to our common values of service and opportunity.

- Jake


Let’s get to work


Reinvent transportation through the Green New Deal

Your time is valuable, but getting around keeps getting harder. Greater Boston has the worst traffic in the country; and transit is inconvenient and unreliable. Moreover, transportation accounts for more than 40% of Massachusetts’ carbon emissions. 

Jake has been the Newton City Council’s leader on transportation and an advocate for progressive transportation policies statewide. As a manager at Liberty Mutual’s innovation lab, he has also helped re-orient a Fortune 100 company to a future where people drive less and walk, bike, and take transit more.

In Congress, he will ensure that a Green New Deal brings federal funding for Massachusetts to re-invent its transportation system. The status quo of traffic and pollution is not acceptable. Jake will ensure a Green New Deal delivers smarter transportation policy to Massachusetts, while strengthening the vibrancy of downtowns and neighborhoods from Fall River to Franklin, Needham to Brookline.

Make health care a right

Health care is a human right, not a job perk, and guaranteeing health care for every American is the most effective and morally urgent way that we can unlock opportunity for all. 

Growing up in a family of physicians, scientists, and public-health officials, Jake deeply appreciates the pivotal role of health care in quality of life and the Massachusetts economy. He will be a champion for a public option, for increasing federal funding for basic medical research, and for a woman's right to choose.

Support and defend the Constitution

Jake publicly called for an impeachment inquiry in 2017 and maintains that position. It’s not about politics, it’s about the balance of powers and the rule of law. It’s time for Congress to fulfill its Constitutional mandate and hold the administration to account through a transparent and rigorous investigation.

Fix the system at its root

Jake has been a major supporter of Ranked Choice Voting, which allows voters to rank the candidates on their ballot. It is a simple and fair way to better represent the will of the majority in elections. Jake has also presented at conferences on more equitable and transparent financing mechanisms for political campaigns and journalism.

After corporations spent money on a ballot initiative in Newton, Jake detailed the problem to his constituents in his newsletter and then submitted and passed a resolution with the Democratic City Committee calling for an end to corporate spending in local elections. Jake has not and will not accept any corporate PAC donations.

The common thread is that Jake believes systemic change is the most durable and has the most impact. In Congress, Jake will look at root causes, not just surface problems.

Protect families from gun violence

Jake commanded an infantry platoon in Afghanistan and special operations in Panama. He slept, ate, trained, and patrolled with an assault weapon for four years. Those are not the ‘arms’ that our Founders had in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment in 1791. 

Jake supports the efforts of groups mounting a campaign against gun violence, such as Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety.

As a member of Congress, Jake would push for mandatory assault-weapon buybacks; mandatory liability insurance for all weapons; repeal of all concealed-carry permits; and universal background checks.

Welcome immigrants to the American promise

Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. Jake’s great-grandfather, a Russian Jew, fled the pogroms and built a small business in Massachusetts. From those refugee roots, his granddaughter, Jake’s mother, became the first female CEO of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Today, the future first Hispanic CEO of the Dana-Farber may be in a cage at the Mexican border. America’s promise is that the condition of your birth should not determine the outcome of your life. We fail that promise when we deprive immigrants of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Hire (and keep) great teachers, and start early

The public school teachers in Newton prepared Jake to succeed at Harvard and MIT—and to be a lifelong reader and learner. Every kid deserves teachers like Mrs. Rosengard and Mrs. Green. But we can’t recruit and retain life-changing teachers unless we pay them more. When the Newton City Council debated a pay raise for elected officials, Jake voted No (one of only two out of 24) because Newton teachers were not guaranteed a pay raise, too.

In addition to standing with teachers on pay, Jake has been an effective advocate for early education in his hometown, helping to bring about full-day Kindergarten and calling for expanded pre-K offerings. Excellent public education is the best way to ensure equal opportunity. And the evidence is compelling: the earlier we nurture young minds, the more positive difference we can make.

Fight terrorists, not land wars

Jake commanded special-operations-capable units, and he knows what the United States military is capable of—and what it is not. Massive troop deployments in nation-building exercises waste blood and treasure.

As a congressman, Jake would work to reduce the conventional ground-force footprint, to scale naval, air, and cyber commands that protect the global commons, and to invest in surgical special operations that can identify, target, and neutralize terrorists across the globe without overextending the United States.

In addition, Jake believes that international aid and robust diplomacy can strengthen our standing in the world while helping those most in need around the globe.

I have seen the future of real, decent politics.
Its name is Jake Auchincloss
— Kevin Cullen, The Boston Globe

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